Data Community Meetup: Women in Data Evening - Mar 2018


Data Community Meetup
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March 21, 2018
Fortude Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
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Database as a service (DBaaS) is offered via a variety of relational and NoSQL databases. When you migrate a traditional database to the cloud, would you choose relational or NoSQL? explore how a single data set can be perceived from both Relational (Azure SQL Database) and NoSQL (Azure Cosmos DB) viewpoints and see the considerations and processes for choosing the database type, migrating and implementing a database on Azure.

Hansamali Gamage

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Roshana Dilshan December 23, 2018

your session was the best session out of todays ones

Chandula Perera December 23, 2018

Well explained.good!

Chandula Perera March 31, 2018

Well explained.good!

Roshana Dilshan March 31, 2018

your session was the best session out of todays ones

Pavitra Maduranga March 21, 2018

Good session! Case study and explanations was great. Thank you

Ashwin Corera March 21, 2018

Really interesting session and well organized. Keep it up.

Pirinthan Gunarajah March 21, 2018

This was good session and very well explained. If am not wrong , need to speed up the presentation.

Fiqri Ismail March 21, 2018

It was a very informative and great session as usual. Hope to see you talking about different APIs available on CosmosDB.

Dilruk Madhusha March 21, 2018

Nice and perfect one

Samudra Bandaranayake March 21, 2018

Great presentation. Keep up the good work. Hoping to attending a another session of yours.

Dinesh Wickramasinghe March 21, 2018

Good session