Colombo Big Data Meetup - Vavuniya Campus, University of Jaffna


Big Data Meetup at Vavuniya Campus of University of Jaffna
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February 14, 2020
Vavuniya Campus of University of Jaffna
Sri Lanka
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This special meetup was organized for undergraduate students of Vavuniya Campus, University of Jaffna, focusing on big data and data science. Dinesh Priyankara, Dinesh Asanka, Selvendra Selvarajah and Tharindu Adhikarai delivered sessions on data.

Dinesh Priyankara

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Madhavi Upalakshi February 15, 2020

Informative Attractive Important

Suresh Sujivan February 15, 2020

Good job

Dimuth Prasanna February 14, 2020

Really it's very importance for our final year project, we hope agin with more practical ,We had biggest problems about basics of Big data analysis most of things should out. We get the best from the limited time . Thanks for