Data Science with SQL Server Machine Learning Services: Predictive Experiment


Sri Lanka Data Community - August 2019 Meetup
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August 21, 2019
Microsoft, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
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This session focuses on creating a data science experiment using SQL Server Machine Learning Services. This discusses how to create a model in SQL Server using Python, train it, save it as a trained model and consume using a Stored Procedure.

Dinesh Priyankara

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Nisal Mihiranga August 22, 2019

Informative session. Learned a lot on SQL Server Machine Learning Services

deen cassim August 21, 2019

Good session

Vidura Imesh Galhena August 21, 2019

Session is very good and informative

Gaurika Wijerathne August 21, 2019

Very good session Dinesh, well balanced demo

Nipuna Ratnayake August 21, 2019

Really happy with the session, even though I am still a student learned a lot :D

Jinesh Marainghe August 21, 2019

Many Thanks for the interesting session on on premises ML availability

Malavan Satkunarajah August 21, 2019


Shashiprabha Rajapaksha August 21, 2019

Excellent and Interactive

Anushka Thiththagalla August 21, 2019

Got a basic idea about the Machine Learning Services and how things handling . Very useful session. Thank you!

Piyaviraj Ranasinghe August 21, 2019

Very resourceful session. Thank u very much.

Sameera Madusanka August 21, 2019

Got good knowledge about SQL server

Ksharapani Wickramarathne August 21, 2019

Speakers are very experienced