Bits and pieces you need to know before start coding with Microsoft Graph API


Sri Lanka Developer Forum August Meetup
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August 16, 2018
Microsoft Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
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This session will introduction the things you need to getting started on Graph API. The authentication process using new AD2 and how to get the token as well as what is this token and why you need it. Lets get these pieces together and build a nice Graph API app from scratch.

Fiqri Ismail

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Lahiru Jayalath December 23, 2018

Was a good session

Sajad Jaward August 17, 2018

The content that was delivered was really on to the point. The way that Fiqri explained the stuffs was very understandable. Fiqri was very interactive with the crowd as well. I really learned a new thing and the session was amazing. Please do keep up the good work. Thank you very much!

Sajid Ahmad August 17, 2018

Very clearly managed the presentation and excellent work .

Nirmal SAMARANAYAKA August 17, 2018

Very good session. Thank you

ashan jayasinghe August 16, 2018

Good and valuable session

Azmeer Mohamed August 16, 2018

Coming from Laravel Google App background, Fiqri''s session opened my eyes to a new world. Thank you Fiqri for a wonderful session. Waiting for your article on Medium

Bhashitha Jayawardhane August 16, 2018

PleSe share the project and relevant urls