[Singapore Data Camp 2019] Another way of making data ready: Azure Databricks


Data Camp 2019 - Singapore
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March 02, 2019
Microsoft Singapore
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This session focuses on modern and efficient data processing that is processing data using Azure Databricks. This talks about Spark, Databricks and integration of Databricks with Azure. Finally demo will be done, showing how CDR records can be processed using a notebook written with Scala.

Dinesh Priyankara

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Nisal Mihiranga March 02, 2019

Really great session on Databricks, and it’s covers entire Azure Big data echo system

Attuluri Ranganath March 02, 2019

Nice event. Good presentation on data bricks

Gim Leong CHIN March 02, 2019


Lee Yao March 02, 2019


Anne Neo March 02, 2019

It is a good intro on Azure databricks. However as i already using Azure databricks, hence i find it ok (refresher) but i disagree about datalake gen 1 comments made regarding authentication, as i do not face problem assigning either RBAC or service to service auth.

pearlyn loh March 02, 2019

Content is good :) Perhaps can do more live demo

Rohit Khanna March 02, 2019

Learn new about databricks. Notebooks. Polybase. Can you suggest where can i get sample files and notebook codes for learning?

Charlene Ong March 02, 2019

I feel that the talk is very suitable for enterprises but I am a student, will be great to see a little bit of info about how it can be used for students.

Kwok Hing Leong March 02, 2019

Having some hands-on tutorial would be good. Most IT skills are learnt from doing

Li Yen Yoong March 02, 2019

Good presentation and explanation

Aziz Quazi March 02, 2019

I an a finance guy but undersrand the lecture well

Tan CJ March 02, 2019

Interesting session, Thanks!

chris cen March 02, 2019

sample n showcase of real world project

Aroh Shuklq March 02, 2019

Really nice Introduction to Azure Data Bricks. Speaker had solid knowledge

Kasun Pathirana March 02, 2019

Great session to understand about Data bricks capabilities and how it's been implemented

Tsu Han Ung March 02, 2019

Good exposure to databrick

Lim chan Connie March 02, 2019

Thankyou lunch now

Manoj Saxena March 02, 2019

Good and easy to pick up

Raymond Hernandez March 02, 2019

Informative session

Pio Balistoy March 02, 2019

Great session

Derrick Loi March 02, 2019

Not enough coverage on the script to ETL

Sambit Panigrahi March 02, 2019

Fantastic session. Learnt a lot!

Ming Zhu March 02, 2019

Thanks for the talk! Could you share the slides in the meetup group?

Quoc Nguyen March 02, 2019

Excelent talk with full explaination

Vasudeva Reddy March 02, 2019

Good to learn

Avinash Kalidindi March 02, 2019

Learned new things in data processing.

Kim Seng Khor March 02, 2019

Really a refresh session after handon session. Like it so much

SC Ching March 02, 2019

Great presentation

Uday Dandu March 02, 2019