Analyze Social Media Feeds using Azure Event Hub, Azure Databricks and Cognitive Services


DataCamp 2019
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March 02, 2019
Microsoft Singapore
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This is a 45 mins session with including live demos

Nisal Mihiranga

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Penn Ong March 02, 2019

Mode of speech has to be adjust and be more engaging with audience

Dinesh Priyankara March 02, 2019

Great delivery Nisal, keep it up.

Anshul Mantri March 02, 2019

Great sharing

Sanjiv Venkatram March 02, 2019

Greetings and thanks for sharing ! Great session, learn a lot! Kindly share links to recreate...

Manish Rawat March 02, 2019

Please add some hybrid example like live feed, stored data like csv, rdbms etc. in your sessions to address more senarios

Theshoban Santhiramohan March 02, 2019

Learnt azure databricks and some features overroll

Nithin Francois March 02, 2019

Very informative session!

Derrick Loi March 02, 2019

Still not that clear in the handoff from Twitter to textapi to databricks