Business Intelligence and Decision Support System Module (2016/2017) - University of Kelaniya - Sri Lanka


Bachelor of Science Honours in Software Engineering Degree
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December 01, 2018
University of Kelaniya - Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
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This 40-hour module is designed for undergraduates in University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. Module focuses on Business Intelligence, technologies used, multidimensional databases, BI interfaces and applications.

Dinesh Priyankara

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Ruchineth Nandasena January 26, 2019

Your explanation is very good. but i think, if you can add more practicals session in to subject, It can more useful. That idea is according to my mind. Overall is excellent.

Renuka Fernando January 26, 2019

Your case-study based lecture series, assignments were very helpful. It is perfect. Friendly, interactive sessions made it more attractive. Thank you, sir.

Chathurika Fernando January 25, 2019

The style of teaching is good. has useful content in lectures.

Piyushani Sewwandi January 25, 2019

Lectures were interest because of practical sessions.

Oshadi Senevirathne January 25, 2019

Lectures are well organized and much helpful for getting a good knowledge on BI domain. Leturer's interactive way of teaching was very helpful for us to learn the facts easily by asking questions

Jayathma Chathurangani January 25, 2019

Very methodical presented. Well prepared and excellent in delivering lectures.

Vithusanth Murugesu January 24, 2019

Practical sessions are very clearly, useful and understandable.