Data Warehousing Course (40 hrs) - MSc in Business Analytics - IIT - University of Westminster


MSc in Business Analytics program - IIT
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January 09, 2019
Informatics Institute of Technology
Sri Lanka
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This 40 hours course designed for students in Informatics Institute of Technology, for MSc in Business Analytics - University of Westminster, focuses on data warehousing. This course discusses requirement gathering process, logical design based on Kimball's concepts, physical design and implementation using Microsoft platform.

Dinesh Priyankara

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Pasan Welandagoda Belpage January 24, 2019

CMM721 - Data Warehousing modulethat you conducted was quite informative and well-structured. You gave us a good foundation of the subject, and the industry experience you've brought in helps us in connecting bits and pieces of data science. The coursework too was very relevant, and was helpful to expand upon. Thank you very much for your wonderful lectures, and clear yet concise content.

Gaya Senevirathna January 24, 2019

More sessions with practical would become more helpful.


The lecturer conducted all lectures using very practical methods and provided good support when ever it was necessary.

Thilini Dahanayake January 24, 2019

The lecture was well organized in every lecture and well explained everything in a very simple , understandable way. He put extra effort on teaching us by sending video clips of practicals and that was really helpful. Another special thing is the voice of the lecturer which very clear and could easily understand what he spoke.

Hashini Chamathka January 24, 2019

Presentation of lectures and the punctuality us excellent

Ashera Navaratne January 24, 2019

Hands down, the best lecturer we had for this semester.

Hashini Chamathka January 24, 2019

Presentation of lectures and punctuality is excellent

Sachini Wickramasinghe January 24, 2019

I learned a lot from you... Many thanks so realted to work I do at office.. so thank you very much sir! And all the very best for you sir !! :)

Kumara Piyasena January 14, 2019

Responded considering higher the better: Clearly explained and open for any clarification