Application Insights and Jupyter Notebook(Opensource) combo to analyze large scale data


Global Azure Bootcamp - 2018
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April 21, 2018
Movenpick Hotel, Colombo 03
Sri Lanka
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Learn how to quickly instrument an existing .NET Core application. Monitor the metrics of your application and be warned when it doesn’t behave. Track application dependencies and performances. All of this, in less time it takes to cook dinner. During the session we will walk through the power of appinsights and see few demos with the usage of application insights and how effectively we can visualize data using jupyter notebook .

Sajeetharan Sinnathurai

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safeer ahmed December 23, 2018

I watched it in youtube , good start but rushed at the end , demo could have been slowly done

Nirosh Ubeysinghe April 22, 2018

Good session, As a data science enthusiast thank you very much for give insights about Jupiter notebook.

Azkar Moulana April 21, 2018

Great way of explaining the session in an interactive and even a beginner can understand things in the session

Lak Fhhnkk April 21, 2018

It was nice at the begining but ran too quick but nicely done thanks

ratheesa rangama April 21, 2018

Only session with proper content and github repo! Your introduction story was great

Maneesha Dedigama April 21, 2018

It was really awesome.great session.