Secure your ReactJS frontend and NodeJS backend with Azure AD B2C


Global Azure Bootcamp - 2019
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June 08, 2019
Movenpick Hotel, Colombo 03
Sri Lanka
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Speaking at Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 on securing application using Azure AD B2C. ReactJS frontend will be demoed as the front facing web site and Node.JS backend.

Fiqri Ismail

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Farhan Faizal June 09, 2019

Understood the scenario n Concept!!

Mahesh Hiripitiya June 09, 2019

Excellent session

Menake Panduwawala June 09, 2019

Great session

Dhanushka Chandana June 09, 2019

Good work!!

MSM Ramzan June 08, 2019

Good Session

Nuwan Gamage June 08, 2019

Great session for react developers

isuru wickramasinghe June 08, 2019

Presentation is done in very friendly manner

Madhavi Upalakshi June 08, 2019

Amazing demonstration

Buddhika Amarasinghe June 08, 2019

Excelent !!!