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DP-200 - Implementing an Azure Data Solution [Online Training]


InnovestSys - Onlie Training [Trainer: Dinesh Priyankara]
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16 Jul 2020, 17 Jul 2020, 18 Jul 2020
LKR 24,000
Sri Lanka
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This is a 3-day online workshop focused on Microsoft DP-200 - Implementing an Azure Data Solution exam.

InnoventSys (Pvt) Ltd .

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Malaka Chandrasekara July 18, 2020

Dinesh explations are very good but need to improve internet connection.i suggest SLT fiber.if not mobitel.And also i have seen some mistakes and outdated materials of microsoft hands-on.

Kolitha Gajanayaka July 18, 2020

Very informative Session. Looking forward to join more sessions similar to this.

Dhanushka Abeyratne July 18, 2020

Excellent workshop. However interactive hands on work can be improved.

Ahmed Fariz Fazeel July 18, 2020

Overall a good session. Very informative and helpful in understanding the implementation of Azure Data Solution

Hassan Fahmy July 18, 2020

Lab instructions can be complemented with screenshots. Will allow us to complete the exercises much more quickly.

Ahmed Shujau July 18, 2020

I think the course too compressed. It actually doesn't fit to 3 days.

Hassan nooh July 18, 2020

very thorough and comprehensive. Dinesh's experience and knowledge is evident. Minor comment: updated lab instructions according to new interface on Azure would save time and be helpful.

Hassan Fahmy July 18, 2020

Lab instructions can be done using screenshots, Will allow us to do it much more fasters.

Fathimath Aroosha July 18, 2020

Content explanations were good. But was bit difficult when exercise instructions didn't match with present screen (probably due to courseware being outdated).

Fauzan Waheed July 18, 2020

It was structured and well explained but i feel like lab exercises did not get enough time.

Arosha Piyalath July 18, 2020

This a very good training program that really important to improve knowledge in data engineering and mordern data warehouse concepts. As a suggestion arrange some another programs related to this areas.

Zara Nizar July 18, 2020

Labs instructions can be improved. The new interface is different, so when there are changes, there are steps where one can't follow and gets stuck. Steps can be more detailed, esp for common problems faced when executing the steps. Good, given this is an online, intensive, 3-day course.

Dhanushka Manjula July 18, 2020

day well spent