Fundamentals of Machine Learning, Data Science and Python for Biologists


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July 04, 2021
Online workshop
Sri Lanka
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This session was organized by EDVICON for educating students and professionals who are interested in biology and data science.

Dinesh Priyankara

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Nimesh Ekanayake July 31, 2021

Great session. I was considering moving forward with ML. Now I have got the foundation for that. Thank you for the session.

Ruwani Herath July 31, 2021

Great session. Thanks a lot

Suvetha Ramadhas July 31, 2021

It was very useful

Nethmi Perera July 04, 2021

It was an interesting and informative session that helped to gain better knowledge on the field of data science and machine learning

Dilan Danushka Rodrigo July 04, 2021

Very interesting session. Thank you for organizing this kind of session.

Sumudu Perera July 04, 2021

Good stuff!!