Analyzing Data with Power BI - 20778B - Sri Lanka


Microsoft Official Curriculum - 20778C
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12 Jul 2019, 17 Jul 2019, 05 Aug 2019
CICRA - Colombo
Sri Lanka
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This is a 3-day workshop on Microsoft Power BI, based on 20778B Microsoft official curriculum. Power BI as a BI Client tool, data loading and transformation, direct query and live connection, visualization, administration, security, developer API and Power BI mobile app were discussed.

Dinesh Priyankara

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Dinesh Priyankara August 10, 2019

Thanks for the lovely comments everyone, happy to hear that all have learn something valuable from this workshop, will surely take points you have made as well.

Thilini Nisansala August 10, 2019

Firstly Thank you for the support & guidance given throughout this sessions. As a few days session It is very successful than which i have participate previous It training. Wish you all the best.

Kushlani Keppetipola August 10, 2019

Delivered clear explanation on visualization tools, covered the areas which needs to know when working with PowerBI

Udeshika Jayamini August 10, 2019

Useful training session. Prefer to have more user friendly materials.

Umesha Madumalee August 05, 2019

It was very helpful & effective, especially with the hands on experience. Lecture delivery was good and easy to understand. Thank you!

Ishantha Dassanayake August 05, 2019

The exercises which was done for each Theory part was really good.

Vishmi Senarathna August 05, 2019

Very useful training

Shane Francis August 05, 2019

Good session, explained the theory well through practical examples. I think going forward it would be good to have more practical sessions plus provide a short guide if possible on what are other functions we can use.

Nuzri Nizar August 05, 2019

Would appreciate if we have more hands on than theory

Abdul Ariff August 05, 2019

Well paced and informative sessions