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Sri Lanka Developer Forum Monthly Meetup - April, 2018
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April 19, 2018
Microsoft Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
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Azure Functions, which is one of the features in Azure’s Serverless Computing stack is a trending topic in the world of technology. In this session, let’s learn what Azure Functions really is and how we can create and work with Azure Functions using function editor in the Azure portal and of course our favorite tool, Microsoft Visual Studio.

Jaliya Udagedara

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Nirmal Samaranayaka April 20, 2018

Great event..

Shameem Fairooz April 20, 2018

Was alien to me! Something I love about learning new things. Now I could explore all those topics discussed. A great Shout Out for the Team!

MSM Ramzan April 19, 2018

Great session. Thank you very much for doing these kind of very informative session

Pubudu Dissanayaka April 19, 2018

Great session, thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge.

Dinesh Wickramasinghe April 19, 2018

Good event. The demo was awesome.