.NET !!! A must have tool under your belt


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May 21, 2020
Sri Lanka
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Let's discuss .NET software development platform in detail and identify some cool features on it. Also, You will be able to see a couple of short demos on .NET application development

Hansamali Gamage

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Shyamali Kannangara June 04, 2020

Webinar was useful for us

Ruku Puvan June 04, 2020

Everything is good.

Tharaka Amarasinghe May 25, 2020

thank you !! great and better understood madam

Thakshila Jayathilake May 24, 2020

Dear madam, we had great session regarding .NET. you done it very clear and also pleasant manner.It was very attractive. If you can add more demostrations it will help us more. Thank you very much for done this session for us.

Althaf Husain May 23, 2020

It was very useful for improve my technology skills and my career Thanks for your guidance

Dinith Sithunaash May 21, 2020

Such an informative session ma'am. Host more webinar about .NET

P A Thushal Himaranga May 21, 2020

Superb section.perfect.

[Redacted] [Redacted] May 21, 2020


Sayuri Rathnayake May 21, 2020

The webinar was nice and interesting..Thank you so much for the information..

Faiyaz Rafeek May 21, 2020

Much needed session off me personally, I have heard about .Net but today i realize how much easier than i thought before. Thank you so much for your effort to do this session in your valuable time track.

Manthila Walgamage May 21, 2020

Very friendly speaker and the presentation was very insightful. Guided everyone from bottom up.

Akeel Ahmed May 21, 2020

Very well explained...I'm a beginner and got the foundation knowledge through this webinar.

Musthaque Hassen May 21, 2020

Great and useful

Maneesha Seneviratne May 21, 2020

Simple, 100% clear and informative. Gathered knowledge as expected.