Serverless Hackathon


Serverless Hackathon
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September 25, 2019
MovenPick Hotel
Sri Lanka
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Serverless hackathon to understand serverless architecture

Sajeetharan Sinnathurai

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Sampath Eleperuma September 26, 2019

Very valuable event, learn lot about azure functions and how and where to use those. Thanks Sajeetharan.

Manikya Senarathna September 26, 2019

Really enjoyed the session. Gained a lot of knowledge on many sides. hardest thing is to training the tought process to match the serverless architecture. Hen you have the correct mindset; Using serverless and event-driven architecture will make our lives really easy. But I am yet to be convinced on the redundancies and how to handle unexpected situations like cache layer going down. Fallbacks are really important in making large scale business-critical apps. Thank you for a great session. Ho

Gayan Dissanayake September 25, 2019

Valuable hakathon ,learn lot on azure and thanks for doing this kind of event.