Analyzing Big Data using Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Power BI


Data, Insight, and Power BI User Group-Auckland
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November 14, 2019
Microsoft Office-Auckland
New Zealand
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BIG DATA has been a buzz word for so long in IT field and different vendors have introduced different technologies to analyze big data. Microsoft introduced Azure SQL Data Warehouse in 2016 to process and analyze large data volumes with the help of powerful cloud infrastructure. In this session, Asanka will start with an introduction to Azure SQL Data Warehouse and then will go through the architecture and best practices. With comprehensive demo, he will cover loading and processing data in Azure SQL DW and finally will show how to analyse data using Power BI.

Asanka Padmakumara

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Xxx Yyy November 27, 2019

Good stuff mate, but too technical. Please tailor for audience.

Mark Jones November 14, 2019

Presentation was great, explanation was simple enough for me to follow as an analyst and not a data engineer. I struggled to follow the demo and it seemed fractured with lots of issues and run through at high speed. Some of it could be me.