The Modern Javascript (ES6)


SLDF November Meetup 2018
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November 08, 2018
Microsoft Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
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You all must be using JavaScript, anybody into the modern Javascript? The answer may be yes, or no. I am sure you must keen to learn a thing or two in Modern JS. Let's dive into 1 hour of hands on with ES6.

Fiqri Ismail

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Dhanuka Bulathsinghala December 23, 2018

Learnt well about new java script coding , Sir can i have some resources of the lectrure . Thank you Java script is interesting 🤟

Lahiru Jayalath December 23, 2018

Very helpful

Radika Lakmal November 08, 2018

Yo JS 👍 next type scripts pls

Pushpa Herath November 08, 2018

Interesting session

Amila Pradeep November 08, 2018

Very good session