Developing modern cloud applications using Microsoft Azure


CICRA Campus Tech Talks
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February 22, 2018
CICRA Campus, 8th Floor Unity Plaza, Colombo 04
Sri Lanka
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This is a developer focused event. Will be looking at how to develop a cloud ready ASP.NET / ASP.NET Core application and deploy successfully to the Azure.

Fiqri Ismail

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Bakeer Hassan December 23, 2018

Great piece of Workshop and in future looking forwards to be held more, Best of Luck. Thank you

MSM Ramzan March 22, 2018

Very informative session for an Azure beginner. Hope you will do more session like this.

lahriu madhumadha February 26, 2018

was a great session. thank you !

kasun prageeth February 23, 2018

Very informative session for a Azure beginner

Nilansha Tharaka February 23, 2018

Awesome presenter. Nicely done the session.

MSM Ramzan February 23, 2018

They way you presented its simple but, content and session was awesome. I had lot of question on Azure, you cleared all of them. Thanks.