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July 10, 2019
H One pvt ltd
Sri Lanka
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"In the modern world, most of us often talk about good code that we would like to write when it comes to reality we don't always agree with what constitutes good code, nor do we necessarily share a common view on its value. We know that writing quality software is hard and complex. It’s not only a matter of satisfying requirements, but the system should also be robust, maintainable, testable, and flexible enough to adapt to growth. This workshop explores what we want from a codebase what we can deduce to be good. Series of sessions will explore some common guidelines on what is considered good, from expression to subsystem, from naming to tests, from fluent to SOLID. The first session will give insights on some basics and next 2 sessions will deep dive into each of the aspects in detail."

Sajeetharan Sinnathurai

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Vikum Dheemantha August 05, 2019

I have learned a lot and got good experience.

Nayana Madhuwantha July 27, 2019

Got lot of knowledge and the presentation was very actractive

Shampave Paramanantham July 10, 2019

Excellent session.