Move Your On-Prem Data to a Lake in the Clouds


Global Azure Bootcamp 2018-Colombo
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April 21, 2018
Movenpick Hotel
Sri Lanka
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With the boom in data; the volume and its complexity, the trend is to move data to the cloud. Where and How do we do this? Azure gives you the answer. In this session, I will give you an introduction to Azure Data Lake and Azure Data Factory, and why they are good for the type of problem we are talking about. You will learn how large datasets can be stored on the cloud, and how you could transport your data to this store. The session will briefly cover Azure Data Lake as the modern warehouse for data on the cloud, and then move to focus more on Azure Data Factory, its workings and how to use it for a modern data warehouse.

Asanka Padmakumara

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Buddhika Amarasinghe April 21, 2018


Nilansha Tharaka April 21, 2018

Great 👌

Radika Lakmal April 21, 2018

Grate thanks..

MSM Ramzan April 21, 2018

Great and Very informative session about Azure Data Lake.

Supuni Nimesha April 21, 2018

Great session about Azure Data Lake.