Your First Cross Platform Desktop Application - ElectronJS


Sri Lanka Developer Forum August Meetup 2019
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August 22, 2019
Microsoft Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
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Do you really want to build a cross platform desktop application with your existing JavaScript, Web and CSS knowledge. Just get an editor like Visual Studio Code and dive into the world of cross platform desktop applications.

Fiqri Ismail

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Kaveenda Edema September 07, 2019

Your session regarding electrone js were amazing. Thank you Also thank you for publically humiliating me and my colleagues in front of everyone and our boss for a simple question. The way you approached us with the question seemed like we were too dumb to give an answer thus why we didn’t want to while everyone was laughing at us. I hope all MVP’s don’t have this state of mind of humiliating junior developers who are eager to excel in the industry.

Malshan Ranaweera September 07, 2019

Good presentation

Oshada Rodrigo September 07, 2019

Create session

Anusha Ariyathilaka August 23, 2019

A great presentation

Thilina Amarakoon August 22, 2019

Had a great session.keep organizing such a forums