Implementing a modern data warehouse - 3-day workshop on Azure


Standard workshop with hands-on
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March 26, 2019
Microsoft Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
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This 3-day workshop focused on implementing a modern data warehousing using Azure services such as Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Store Gen 2 and Azure Databricks. Concepts, design and patterns were discussed along with hands-on.

Dinesh Priyankara

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Ayesha Perera March 28, 2019

I am a novice to azure and has just started my career as a data analyst. This workshop on was so helpful. I had no experience on data ware housing and the practical done during the workshop enhanced my knowledge in many ways. I thank you Mr. Dinesh and admire your knowledge in a greater deal. It is my greatest privilege to be in this workshop and be guided by you. Best of luck and hope to sit in another workshop of yours :-)

Ayesha Madhushani March 28, 2019

this is very good workshop and contents are very good and also presentation and hands on are go smoothly.

Sahan Bandara March 28, 2019

It was clear and easy to understand the concept even though I struggled with understanding the coding due to lack of experience.

Madhura Dulanja March 26, 2019

well organized and very well explained session on data warehouse and had a good hands on session on them by Dinesh Priyankara... hope to have more session like these again in the future.

chamila siriwardhana March 26, 2019

Amazing explanation and hands on stuff. One of the best training I have ever visited. Explain the basics really well and I was able to capture new stuff quickly and got answer for some real world problems I had in terms of datawarehousing.

Azhar Azmie March 26, 2019

This is great start up for Azure Data technologies. Expecting more advanced technical training beyond this. About Trainer : Excellent content delivery with hands on practices.

Dimuth Premadasa March 26, 2019

Really helpful event in implementing modern data warehousing. Clearly explained the basic concepts.

chinthaka nayomall March 26, 2019

i got good knowledge about data ware housing.

Hasaka Lelwala March 26, 2019

got hands-on experience with Azure data lake. clearly explained everything. Excellent job!

Nilanka Peiris March 26, 2019

I had a very good experience on Azure products and data warehousing as I am new to the industry.

Muditha Pelpola March 26, 2019

Had a good knowledge