Speaking and Writing on Tech is not so Hard!


Dev Day 2018
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November 07, 2018
Cinnamon Grand Colombo
Sri Lanka
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As developers we all write code. That’s the first step. Adding some explanation to that code and share as an article is the next step. The biggest step would be, speaking out in a technical community. If you wonder how to do that. Let’s have a chat at DevDay 2018, will share how to get it done

Hansamali Gamage

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Hirantha Jayasinghe November 08, 2018

Super inspiring session.. keep it up with the good work

shawanthi gunadasa November 08, 2018

inspirational speech for tech ladies :)

Ayesha Kurukulasooriya November 08, 2018

It's really awesome.

Pushpika Wanasundara November 07, 2018

Awesome session.Gained lots of facts.thank you very much.

Pavitra Maduranga November 07, 2018

Good talk points Nice presentation

Dushan Premarathna November 07, 2018

I do like your session a lot. Good Content. Nicely delivered. Clear voice. As an improvement suggestion I would like to say that practice ice break with maximum attention and two three attention gainers during the speech. Conclude with a high note. You have done so better but I think still can be improved. So proud of you sis.

Sashika Harischandra November 07, 2018

Excellent presentation

Naween Fonseka November 07, 2018

Interesting speech by Hansamali at Devday 2018. Thank you for having us.

Dinesh Wickramasinghe November 07, 2018

It was a great session