SharePoint and Azure better together - how your SharePoint setup can benefit from Azure capabilities


Global Azure Bootcamp - 2018
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April 21, 2018
Movenpick Hotel, Colombo 03
Sri Lanka
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Not every organization will move completely cloud due to obviously fair reasons. Despite the nature of your SharePoint deployment, Microsoft Azure can be a home or bridge to your IT infrastructure success. In this session we will find out how Azure can help to achieve the fundamental bench marks of any SharePoint deployment.

Manoj Karunarathne

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Chathura Dhananjaya Yapa Bandara April 21, 2018

Real good lecture

Chrishan Ravindren April 21, 2018

Like learn more about sharepoint from him

Kanchana Madusanka April 21, 2018

Very inspiring session

Stefan Outschoorn April 21, 2018

It was too soft and not clear. Also not very interactive

Pathum Udana April 21, 2018

Good presentation

Ammar Imran April 21, 2018

He got knowledge but didnt present well. I mean his voice is on same pich and was not loud.

Darshana Nayanajith April 21, 2018

Content was not that clear and not audible due to using a static mic and speaker moving around. Limited amount of time spent was not enough as the whole event was a late start

M D Amith Prasanna April 21, 2018