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Azure Modern Data Warehousing
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February 25, 2020
Microsoft, Indonesia
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This workshop was organized by TechnoFocus, India to deliver customer/partners of Microsoft Indonesia. Azure Advance Synapse Analytics (Azure SQL Data Warehouse), Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake and Azure Databricks were discussed with hands-on.

Dinesh Priyankara

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Roduma Sitanggang February 25, 2020


Anonim Anonim February 25, 2020

Cool workshop, really useful for my current job.

T W February 25, 2020

Sometimes forget on step data input

Anju Parapat February 25, 2020


Y S February 25, 2020

Thanks for your sharing. Awesome! But sometimes it too fast. Goodluck. GBU

Muhammad Mulajati February 25, 2020

Good, but the delivery is too fast. Thankyou

Yohanees Hutagalung February 25, 2020

Keep focus and thanks for your knowledge

Ridwan Arifin February 25, 2020

This event make me excited to explore data warehousing process with Azure

User01 Jakarta February 25, 2020

Too quick, need more time to practice

panji phey February 25, 2020


Bagus Hermawan Sukma February 25, 2020

Need more days

Mei Hua February 25, 2020

got very helpful tutorials for understanding ADF

Indra Suryatama February 25, 2020

The matery is so fast... and the demo is not clear enough... but somehow it give us insight.. You need to explain more about pricing so people not worry about to purchase this service.. because at the end of the day investment come first

Ilham Aswad February 25, 2020

Good presentations

Cindy . February 25, 2020

Thank you for explaining everything. But I’m having difficulties on following your speech. Maybe you can speak slowly next time because most of the audiences doesn’t english as primary language

Anonymous - February 25, 2020

Nice and very clear explanations

Fikri Abror February 25, 2020

Good, we just need more time. But, Good presentation about big picture of datawarehouse

Adhiwangsa S February 25, 2020

Thank you for the knowledge and tutorial

Tirtha Brata February 25, 2020

Great! Thanks

Agi Pantry February 25, 2020

I'm interesting with the content material that been delivered.

Fajar Taufik February 25, 2020

Good and clear explanation

Frans Sitorus February 25, 2020

Better if we have much hands-on lab with solution level not introduce azure level

Yoga Anindita February 25, 2020

please extend the timing, should be 2 days workshop

A B February 25, 2020

Need to add more hands on session

Asep Jaelani Yahya February 25, 2020

Great workshop

Lovando Hari Yunanto February 25, 2020

It' so good and good training to add knowledge and insight to IT especially the Cloud....

Fadhil Fajri February 25, 2020

Very valuable information was shared, but I was stuck on unable to apply subscription to azure. I couldn't ask for help because the demo was already way past the subscription section.

Muhammad Arif Abdul Hakim February 25, 2020

good speaker with good material

Alfius Samuel February 25, 2020

Nice delivery, should be more prepared about lab materials. But overall that was juiceful session of training

Indra Dewa February 25, 2020

Good and iam verry interesting

Anggi Prihartowo February 25, 2020

Very Good Explain

Rizki Fajar February 25, 2020

All Good

ahmad rifki Firmansyah February 25, 2020


Bayu Satria Setiadi February 25, 2020