Data Warehousing Course (40 hrs) - MSc in Business Analytics - IIT - University of Westminster - Batch 2019 - II - Weekend


MSc in Business Analytics program - Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT)
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December 28, 2019
IIT - Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
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This 40 hours course designed for students in Informatics Institute of Technology, for MSc in Business Analytics - University of Westminster, focuses on data warehousing. This course discusses requirement gathering process, logical design based on Kimball's concepts, physical design and implementation using Microsoft platform.

Dinesh Priyankara

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Kavinda Dharmasiri January 07, 2020

Very much satisfied with the topics covered during the sessions. Content of the slides were concise and on point/No information overload. Good balance between theoritical and practical sessions compared to other modules of this semester. Thank you.


Excellent explanations

Nayushani Liyanage January 07, 2020

Good and had some quality time to know the subject more through out the lectures

Dasun Jayaweera December 28, 2019

It was a very well organized lecture series on DW, which I was able to get a comprehensive understanding on the subject area. Especially the examples brought in from various projects Dinesh has done, was instrumental to understand the applicability of points we discussed within the lecture.

Mifrah Ismail December 28, 2019

Approachable. Takes time to clarify questions. Improvement area - can get into long explanations and confuse us in situations where a quicker shorter explanation would have easily got the point across. The model of short simple sentences works.