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Hansamali Gamage Sri Lanka

Senior Software Engineer - TIQRI

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Hansamali Gamage is an experienced professional and Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Technologies from Sri Lanka. She possesses 5+ years of experience in. NET stack and Azure related services. She is a frequent speaker in SL .NET Forum, SL Data community and global SQLSaturday events and Data camps. She is a tech enthusiasts and an award winning writer on Microsoft Tech Net forum.

Hansamali Gamage

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Process Outlook emails using Graph API & Azure Functions

December 01, 2018

Office 365 Developer Bootcamp 2018 - Colombo

This session demonstrates a real time scenario with 3 main technologies Microsoft Graph, Azure Cosmos DB and Azure functions. Read Outlook emails and store necessary details on Azure Cosmos DB, Generate a email summary and send a Twilio sms on a specific date.

Developing ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Applications - Batch 01

November 11, 2018

Course 20486C

This is a 10 days (40 hours) of course with 15 modules to prepare for 70-486 Microsoft exam

Speaking and Writing on Tech is not so Hard!

November 07, 2018

Dev Day 2018

As developers we all write code. That’s the first step. Adding some explanation to that code and share as an article is the next step. The biggest step would be, speaking out in a technical community. If you wonder how to do that. Let’s have a chat at DevDay 2018, will share how to get it done

Using Graph API to read Outlook mail for Accounting

October 23, 2018


Let's discuss how you can use msgraph capabilities with Azure functions to automate processing invoices you got in your email box and save it in a Cosmos DB for future references. At the end of given timeline send a invoice summary as a sms to financial managers

A real-world example with Microsoft Graph API and Outlook

October 11, 2018

SLDF Meetup - October 2018

What if you have hundreds of invoices landed in your Outlook as in the email. And you need a way of processing them into real invoices or maybe store in a database. Lets discuss how to do this using Microsoft Graph API, Outlook and Azure functions.

Microsoft Graph API with Excel and .NET Core

July 19, 2018

SLDF July Meetup 2018

Microsoft Graph provides the APIs for Office 365 and allows to integrate with Microsoft products like Windows, Azure and exposes APIs for Azure Active Directory, SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook, Exchange, Microsoft team services, OneNote, Planner and Excel. This session introduce to Microsoft Graph with a Level 100 demo, that uses Excel with it.

Build planet scale serverless apps with Azure Cosmos DB & Azure Function Apps

April 21, 2018

Global Azure Bootcamp - 2018

This session mainly focuses on how to create a Azure Function App on top of Azure Cosmos DB Collection, And it's going to describe how to subscribe to a change in Cosmos DB collection and trigger necessary actions inside the Function App

Data Community Meetup: Women in Data Evening - Mar 2018

March 21, 2018

Data Community Meetup

Database as a service (DBaaS) is offered via a variety of relational and NoSQL databases. When you migrate a traditional database to the cloud, would you choose relational or NoSQL? explore how a single data set can be perceived from both Relational (Azure SQL Database) and NoSQL (Azure Cosmos DB) viewpoints and see the considerations and processes for choosing the database type, migrating and im....See More

Create a document store on Azure Cosmos DB - Singapore

March 10, 2018

Data Camp - Singapore

This session will be doing in Data Camp Singapore. It focuses on Azure Cosmos DB and its main features including data partitioning, global distribution, fail over regions, scaling, pricing details and query performance. It shows how you can implement a shopping cart application as a hybrid solution with the use of Azure Document API

Let's make a complex data set simple using Azure Cosmos DB - Malaysia

January 13, 2018

SQLSaturday - Malaysia

This session is done in SQLSaturday - Malaysia. It focuses on Azure Cosmos DB and its main features including data partitioning, global distribution, fail over regions, scaling, pricing details and query performance. It demonstrates how to design a document store with relationships and how to play with its queries to gain maximum performance